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Isn’t PG&E Bankrupt?

No.  PG&E restructured debt and formally exited Bankruptcy proceedings in 2020.  The fires encompassed by the Bankruptcy include those having occurred in or prior to January 2019.  Fires that occurred after the Bankruptcy, like the Dixie Fire, are not subject to the restructuring and settlement process involving the bankruptcy.

Do Ratepayers Cover Dixie Fire Settlements?

No.  PG&E has liability insurance that covers an extensive amount of damage that may occur.  Additionally, legislative changes enacted since the Bankruptcy have required PG&E and other California utility companies to create a fund to help cover the costs of fires that are caused by them.

If I Had Insurance, Do I Still Have a Dixie Fire Case?

Yes.  Insurance often does not fully cover the extent of your losses.  Our goal is to help you recoup 100% of your Dixie Fire losses, and a civil case can help you recover what is due to you.  Even if your home didn’t burn, you may have extensive land damages (e.g., trees, landscape, erosion) that are compensable.  If you have uninsured or underinsured losses, including mental anguish or physical injuries, we encourage you to contact our office for a free consultation.

I Didn’t Have Insurance, Do I Have a Case?

Yes.  Often prospective clients assume that because they didn’t have insurance, or their losses are smaller, that they don’t have a case.  If you have any losses sustained from the Dixie Fire, making a case will maximize your changes to be made whole.  By not making a case, it enables PG&E to slip away from its responsibility to you.

Is This a Class-Action Lawsuit?

No.  Adler Law Group does not litigate fire cases in the class-action model.  Instead, the Dixie Fire litigation will be a consolidated action, meaning the various individual cases will likely be coordinated before one judge for efficient processing.  Thus, your case value will not be diluted because there are many people with their own separate cases.

Do I Pay Anything To Get Started?

No.  We work on a contingency basis that is competitive with what other comparable attorneys charge.  This means that we only get paid if we win.  If there is no recovery, there are no fees or costs you ever have to pay.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact us for an obligation-free analysis of your case.  We will analyze your case and give you our opinion of the merits of your case and explain our litigation process.

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We are preparing and filing claims for our current clients. We strongly encourage you to seek the advice of counsel and secure your rights against PG&E before the deadline expires. You can e-mail or call us to inquire further about your recovery options. Our consultation is free.


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