Dixie Fire Tree & Landscape Damage Attorneys

Our Dixie Fire lawsuit attorneys can help you recover from your tree and landscape damages. We often work with individuals who only have land damages and did not lose a structure or personal property. Because pure land damages are usually uninsured, they are recoverable against PG&E.

Pure land damages include but are not limited to: tree destruction, watershed destruction, erosion, water well damages, crop destruction (such as grape vineyards or stone fruits), roadway damages, and others.

The Importance Of Recovering Dixie Fire Land Damages

An individual who owns property with land damages may be considering the overall value of the damages in relation to the value of the property. We find that the cost to restore the land can have very significant value, and we help individuals recognize the importance of that value when seeking damages from PG&E. For example, an individual may believe their damages are just “timber value” (i.e., the cost a harvester would pay for trees). However, that type of analysis would miss the opportunity to realize the value of the debris removal, the replanting of similar sized trees, the future/ongoing cost to grow the trees, as well as potentially the loss of enjoyment of the property. Thus, if you have land damages, it is critically important to speak with an experienced Dixie Fire attorney to get a full analysis of what you can recover from PG&E.

Improved And Unimproved Property

Even unimproved parcels destroyed by the Dixie Fire have a recoverable value that is worth pursuing. Our lawyers can consider the value of the property at the time of the fire, and after the fire, to determine the loss in value that is recoverable to you. This analysis is called “diminution in value.” There may be unique characteristics that your property once had, such as a view, privacy, ranching utility, future development, etc. Those types of characteristics are useful when determining the value of the use of the property before it was destroyed.

Crops And Ranches

Crop destruction is also a recoverable Dixie Fire damage category. There really isn’t a limitation on the types of crops that are recoverable. However, these types of damages are centered upon the value of prior harvests, and the reasonable growth of the harvests over time, adjusted for costs. Valuing crop losses necessitates an economic analysis of the operations, based on hard data from prior years. Our Dixie Fire lawsuit attorneys have extensive experience recovering for lost crops and vineyards against PG&E.

Erosion Damages

Erosion control can be a very serious issue after the fires when seasonal rains return. We understand that the land has an inability to retain moisture due to the increased oils and lack of root systems. Consequently, serious rains can quickly cause flooding and erosion damages. When valuing erosion control, it is always in relationship to the tree damages and can grow over time based on future flooding events. Careful analysis is given to the natural grade of the property, and the short and long-term fixes are that are required the salvage the property.

Mental Anguish And Loss Of Enjoyment

In some situations, recovery for the mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of property is appropriate for land damages. For example, a view or privacy aspect that has been destroyed and alters the character of the property could impact a person’s enjoyment of their land. That feeling of loss may be recoverable in a land damage type of case. Contact one of our Dixie Fire lawsuit attorneys to discuss your potential case against PG&E.